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The Challange

Designing Unique Holiday Giveaways for Tambellini Design Studio

Tambellini Design Studio sought distinctive client giveaways for the holiday season, aiming to surpass traditional offerings like mugs and gift cards. They desired a fresh, memorable gift to delight clients and reflect the studio's brand aesthetic.

The Solution

To meet Tambellini Design Studio's needs, we proposed custom-colored glass candles with bamboo lids. Leveraging our past collaboration insights, we identified their preference for on-brand colors and unique, high-quality gifts. The custom design etched onto each candle and the cherry wood logo atop the jars added a personalized touch and elevated the gift's appeal.

  • Planning & Process

    The project commenced with comprehensive planning to conceptualize the perfect holiday giveaway. Collaborating closely with Tambellini Design Studio, we established a budget per piece and sourced materials to ensure the gifts aligned with their preferences and brand identity.

  • Product Development

    During product development, we focused on creating a unique and memorable gift that reflected Tambellini Design Studio's style. The colored glass candles with custom etchings and cherry wood logos were meticulously crafted to ensure visual appeal and brand consistency.

  • Quantity & Specifications

    A specific quantity of custom-colored glass candles was produced, each featuring the client's unique design and logo. The candles were carefully packaged to preserve their integrity and presented as elegant holiday gifts for Tambellini Design Studio's valued clients.

The Result

The final product—a collection of custom-colored glass candles with bamboo lids—exceeded expectations as distinctive holiday giveaways for Tambellini Design Studio. The personalized touch of the custom etchings and cherry wood logos added a sense of exclusivity, delighting recipients and reinforcing the studio's commitment to creativity and quality.

What They Had To Say

We love the unique products that Lara made for us! The quality is fantastic and the ability for us to customize and create something totally unique is great. Plus Lara made it so easy for us to order and she even delivered the finished pieces directly to ensure we were happy with them. We’ll continue to recommend Alex & Ria Creative.

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