The Challange

Providing Last-Minute Branding Solutions for a Large Tradeshow Display

With a looming tradeshow deadline, our client required immediate branding solutions for various display items, including charcuterie boards, t-shirts, and aprons. Time constraints necessitated quick turnaround times and innovative solutions to meet their urgent needs.

The Solution

In response to the urgent request, we swiftly assessed available materials and proposed suitable branding options for the tradeshow display. Leveraging our existing stock and client-provided items, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that encompassed charcuterie boards, apparel, and additional display pieces.

  • Planning & Process

    We collaborated closely with the client to determine branding requirements and establish a plan of action within the limited timeframe. We conducted thorough assessments to identify available resources and devise efficient strategies for executing the project.

  • Product Development

    Using a combination of laser engraving and heat transfer techniques, we applied the client's logo to charcuterie boards, aprons, and t-shirts, ensuring consistent branding across all items. Additional live edge charcuterie boards were customized with bespoke quotes and designs to enhance the display's visual appeal.

  • Quantity Specifications

    A specific quantity of branded items was produced to meet the client's needs for the tradeshow display. Each item was meticulously crafted and inspected to uphold quality standards, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presentation at the event.

The Result

Despite the time constraints, we successfully delivered a fully branded tradeshow display that met the client's expectations and effectively showcased their brand identity. The combination of branded charcuterie boards, apparel, and additional display pieces left a lasting impression on attendees, reinforcing the client's presence and professionalism at the event.

What They Had To Say

Absolutely love everything she has made for us. Pieces for our trade show booth, shirts for staff, charcuterie boards. Storefront signage! All amazing and so creative. Better than we had hoped for.

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