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The Challange

Designing a Sustainable and Unique Thank You Gift for Sawtooth Construction

Sawtooth Construction sought a distinctive thank you gift that aligned with their core values of sustainability and environmental responsibility. They aimed for a practical yet memorable item that would be utilized by recipients and differentiate them from competitors, all while keeping costs reasonable.

The Solution

To meet Sawtooth Construction's requirements, we proposed fully branded sublimated 22oz. frosted glass water bottles with bamboo lids. This eco-friendly solution offered a blend of sustainability, durability, practicality, and style, aligning perfectly with the company's values and goals.

  • Planning & Process

    Our process began with detailed discussions to understand Sawtooth Construction's preferences and budget constraints. Collaboratively, we identified the need for a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic water bottles and explored various options before selecting the final product specifications.

  • Product Development

    The selected product, fully branded sublimated 22oz. frosted glass water bottles with bamboo lids, underwent meticulous development to ensure it met Sawtooth Construction's criteria for sustainability, durability, and branding. Sublimation and laser engraving techniques were employed to customize the bottles with the company's logo and brand icon, delivering a high-quality and visually appealing end product.

  • Quantity & Specifications

    Bulk ordering allowed for cost-effective production and flexibility in logo placement, enabling us to meet Sawtooth Construction's requirements while staying within budget. The resulting custom water bottles exceeded expectations, offering a sustainable and stylish alternative to conventional plastic options.

The Result

Sawtooth Construction's custom water bottles surpassed expectations, providing a sustainable, fully recyclable, and stylish gift solution inline with their company values. With custom branding and thoughtful design features, these bottles are poised to make a lasting impression and reinforce Sawtooth Construction's commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction.

What They Had To Say

"WOW" we are so happy with the final product and seeing or clients reaction to receiving something unexpected and different has been incredible. The small gesture of appreciation from me as a contractor, has been reciprocated 10 fold in cookies and baking. Our clients love getting these! And we love giving them.

~Everett Kentel - Owner, Sawtooth Construction~

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