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The Challange

Designing a Statement Piece for Destination Silver Star's Bear Stewardship Program

The Destination Silver Star Bear Stewardship Group sought a statement piece for inclusion in Media and VIP gift boxes. They required a local product that fit within specified box dimensions and appealed to recipients' preferences for practical and meaningful items.

The Solution

To meet the client's needs, we designed and manufactured a bespoke bear sculpture as a symbol of bear stewardship and conservation efforts. Crafted from Birch, Maple, Cherry, and Oak wood sourced from the local region, the sculpture represents a black bear in its natural habitat within the Monashee Mountain Range.

  • Planning & Process

    The project began with extensive planning and conceptualization to ensure the sculpture reflected the spirit of bear stewardship. Laser cutting and hand-piecing techniques were employed to create intricate details while maintaining precision and quality.

  • Product Development

    During product development, careful attention was paid to material selection and design elements. The incorporation of the black bear silhouette and Monashee mountain landscape added local significance and visual appeal to the final product.

  • Quantity & Specifications

    A limited quantity of the bear sculptures was produced, each meticulously crafted and finished with oil and buffing for a polished appearance. The sculptures were packaged in canvas bags with hang tags, ready for retail display and distribution.

The Result

The final product, the Destination Silver Star Bear sculpture, serves as a powerful symbol of bear stewardship and environmental conservation. Available for sale in local retail outlets, each purchase contributes to supporting the valuable cause and raising awareness within the community.

What They Had To Say

They both look amazing and I am excited to distribute them to our media and VIP guests this season. Thanks for working so hard on making them so awesome!

Thanks so much for working with us on these awesome pieces for our upcoming media event. So awesome to spend some time together today and explore opportunities. Love your creative mind and the possibilities of what we can work with. 

Thanks so much for putting your passion about Bear stewardship into action and creating these wonderful opportunities for us to collaborate. 

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